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Introduction to Adopt Abroad, Inc. and our Russian Adoption Program 

Russian Adoptions

I. International Adoption Agency - Adopt Abroad's Background in Russia

Russia has been open for international adoption for since the breakup of the Soviet Union. It has been one of the most popular countries to adopt from. In 2011 U. S. citizens adopted 962 children from Russia. The waiting Russian children are living in orphanages throughout the country.

Our Russian facilitator has been providing adoption services in Russia for many years. She has assisted families from the USA, France, Italy, Spain and Canada with their Russian adoptions. While in Russia, our clients are provided all support services for the Russian adoption proceedings, including assistance with living arrangements, help with the children if needed and referrals for tour guides and translators.


  1. Adopt Abroad's Background in Russia
  2. Available Russian children for Adoption
  3. Eligible Adoptive Parent(s)
  4. The Adoption Process
  5. Travel for your Russian Adoption
  6. Post Placement Reports and Russia
  7. FAQ's about Russia
  8. Russia: The Country

         II. Available Russian children for Adoption 

There are many waiting children in Russia hoping for a permanent, loving family to adopt them. The children are available from the ages of 8 months to 16 years of age. There are sibling groups available for adoption as well. Only children that have been officially deemed orphaned are eligible for adoption in Russia. Every waiting Russian child must be on the National Russian Federation Data Bank for a minimum of six months before they are eligible for international adoption. The courts require a six month waiting period to determine that there is no Russian family claiming that child for adoption; once this six month period is over the child becomes available for adoption by international families seeking to adopt from Russia.

Families who are seeking to adopt a young child must submit paperwork stating that they are willing to adopt a child between the ages of 0-4 years of age. Families seeking to adopt a sibling group must state that they are open to siblings between the ages of 0-6 years old, at a minimum.   back to listing >>

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         III. Russian Adoption & Eligible Adoptive Parent(s)  

Married couples or single women may adopt from Russia. There is no limit to the number of children that can currently be in the home. While there is no formal limits on age restrictions, some regions will insist that applicants 45 years and older, should be prepared to adopt a toddler or older child from Russia. Russia does have requirements regarding the health of the adoptive parents. If you are currently taking and prescription medications or have any medical conditions, this must be discussed with our Russian coordinator prior to entering into the Russian adoption program. Any history of prior arrests or criminal charges also must be discussed prior to entering into the Russian adoption program. All medical and criminal issues must be addressed in the adoption home study and/or other documentation included in your Russian dossier.    back to listing >>

         IV. The Russian Adoption Process 

Russian AdoptionsAdopt Abroad will perform the home study services. If the prospective adoptive parents live outside our home study area, we will refer you to another home study agency. Adopt Abroad partners with several agencies who can provide home study services for the adoption of a child from Russia. One of the family requirements to adopt a child from Russia is that you take some additional coursework beyond the home study, in subjects relating to international adoption. Our adoption agency as with most international adoption agencies, requires a minimum of 10 hours of adoption education. We have several partners who offer online education courses such as Adoption Learning Partners.

The adoptive family must complete a home study and compile an official collection of paperwork to be submitted to the Russian adoption authorities. This official paperwork is called a dossier. For Russian adoptions we will require 2 dossier sets; an initial application dossier and then a second dossier once you have chosen your Russian adoptive child. Our Russian adoption coordinator will advise you regarding your dossier paperwork.

Upon submission of your official Russian dossier, you will be registered as an adoptive applicant. Waiting times will vary depending upon the child you are seeking to adopt. If you are applying to adopt an older child from Russia (ages 6 and older) the referral time will be quite fast. At this point in time we estimate the referral time for a young male child from Russia to be 3-5 month and the waiting time for a young female child from Russia will be approximately 6-14 months.

Families will be notified when a child referral that matches their child sought parameters comes in. Families will receive general information on the child and a photo or in some cases, a video clip. Upon receipt of a child referral from Russia, the family will schedule their first trip to Russia.    back to listing >>

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         V. Travel for your Russian Adoption 

Adoption Travel: The first trip for Russia is approximately one week in duration. During this trip the family will visit their child and determine if they want to accept the referral. Independent medical evaluations can be made. The family may also opt to use the services of a U.S. based international adoption specialist who is accustomed to reviewing information on adoptive children in Russia. Adopt Abroad will provide families with a list of adoption physicians specializing in international adoption evaluations.

After returning home, the family will compile the second (referral) adoption dossier. This adoption dossier will be sent to our Russian partner who will apply for the adoption court date. The second adoption trip will be approximately 2-4 months later, depending upon the region.

Russian AdoptionsBoth parents must travel and appear for the court hearing for the Russian adoption. After the court hearing one parent may return home while the other adoptive parent remains in Russia to complete the remaining legal work and process for the Russian adoption. Some regions will require that both parents remain in country for the entire adoption process and parents must be prepared to comply with the Russian court rulings. The second trip, the Russian adoption trip, will be between 10-21 days in duration. There is a 10 day waiting period after the court hearing; most regions will not waive this waiting period and families may have the option to return home and come back to Russia after the 10 day period to complete their Russian adoption.

Some regions will require three trips. In this case the trips are 1st adoption trip approximately 5 days, 2nd adoption trip- the court hearing, estimate 5-7 days in country, 3rd adoption trip- pick up trip 7-10 days in country.

Some regions of Russia will require that the adoptive parents undergo an extensive medical exam in Moscow, prior to the court hearing. There is an American clinic and a Russian clinic in Moscow that can provide this service. Our Russian facilitator will inform you if this is required for your region and if so, they will assist in arranging the appointment for the exam.

When our adoptive families arrive in Russia, they will be met at the airport by our Russian based facilitator. Accommodations will have already been arranged and you will be escorted to all the official appointments by an English speaking translator. Our Russian facilitator will manage all your accommodations, translations, transportation needs, guidance and arranging for any other services you may need while in Russia for your adoption.

After your Russian adoption is complete you will be escorted to the MOFA Consular Division in Moscow to register your Russian adopted child.   back to listing >>

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         VI. Post Placement Reports and Russia 

Russian AdoptionsRussia requires post adoption reports. Compliance with these reports is critical to keeping Russia open for adoption and we advise all families to take this commitment seriously, for the sake of other waiting Russian children.

Reports are due at 6, 12, 18, 24 and 36 months post adoption. Our adoption agency also requires a 30 day self-report sent to adoption agency only. Your adoption coordinator will advise you as to when the reports are due at Adopt Abroad's office.   back to listing >>

         VII. FAQ's about Russia 

Do I require a visa to visit Russia? U.S. citizens are required to obtain a visa when traveling to Russia.

For more information about travel to Russia, visit the U.S. State Departments website on international travel:

Can I adopt more than one child in a single Russian adoption process? Families may adopt sibling groups in Russia. Referrals of Russian children for adoption are based upon availability as well as the information regarding the Russian child sought that adoptive parents have noted in their home study.

Who can adopt from Russia? Russian adoptions are open to single women and married couples. Families may have children already in the home.

Must an adoption agency be Hague accredited to perform adoptions from Russia? Russia is a non-Hague country. Adopt Abroad has been Hague accreditated since the U.S.A enacted the Hague treaty and while it is not required in Russia, it helps us serve all of our clients with the high ethical standards that are required by Hague accredidation for international adoption agencies.

Does Adopt Abroad perform home study services for Russian adoptions as well as child placement services? Adopt Abroad will provide home study services for families in our catchment area who are seeking to adopt a child from Russia. If you are living outside this area we will refer you to an agency that we can work with in a partnership to help you with your Russian adoption. It is important that you discuss the home study agency with Adopt Abroad prior to starting the home study process. We look forward to helping you make your dream of adopting a child from Russia a reality.

What city would I fly into for my Russian adoption? Most families will fly into Moscow to begin their adoption process. Depending upon the region where your Russian adoptive child referral resides, you may be required to take a connecting flight or train, if the distance is not too great you will be driven to the region.

Will I need to make hotel reservations for my Russian adoption? Adopt Abroad's Russian facilitators will make recommendations for hotels in Russia. The family will have several hotels to choose from.

I already have children in my home. Can I adopt from Russia? Yes, Russia will accept families with children into their adoption program.

Will the Russian children speak English? How will I communicate with my Russian child? The Russian children will speak their native language, Russian. Our experience with placing children over the past several years has shown us that parents need not fear having a language barrier with their child. Most internationally adopted children learn English fairly quickly. Our adoptive parents have reported that their internationally adopted children were able to make their needs known and communicate at a basic level within a few weeks. Some adoptive parents have learned basic sign language as a means of communication. Other adoptive parents have told us they learned a few basic, necessary words in the child's native language and then use this word along with its English correlation to help build language skills.

I'm ready to begin my Russian adoption. How do I get started? Please click here and fill in our online contact formula. A representative from our adoption agency-Adopt Abroad, Inc. will contact you shortly.   back to listing >>

         VIII. Russia: The Country 

Russia has a long and rich history. For information regarding the Russian revolution click this link:

For photos and information on the Russian Orthodox religion click here:

For photos on images relating to Russian Christmas:

Current news in Russia. The English newspaper in Russia is the Moscow times to keep up with news in Russia

Other links to Russian News and Current Events in Russia

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Lonely Planet Travel to Russia

*Due to the nature of international adoption, all information contained on this webpage concerning Russian adoption is subject to change without notice.   back to listing >>


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